Elision features
We created features that will enable each user to get the most from each podcast!
Developed by Elision, RichAudio is a unique listening format, which enriches the audio content with text, photos and links. Studies show that when audio is accompanied by visuals, the retainment of information increases by 400%! That is why we created RichAudio - to help remember important things and to have all of the needed materials at your fingertip.
Offline Listening
Worried about loosing connection in the elevator or in your basement? There's no need to worry! Simply download your favorite podcasts and listen to them wherever you are.
AI Search
Our smart artificial intelligence search enables quick and relevant search among millions of podcasts and gives advice even before you fully typed in your search query.
Podcasts are categorized into different categories to make it easier for you to find the ones that you'll love. Browse within the categories that you are most interested in to find most relevant content.
Comment and get feedback from podcasters and other listeners. Become an active participant of podcasts vs just a regular listener.
Selected Shows
Elision team and our partners select the best podcasts in the world and enriches them with visual information.
Remember when you wanted to go back to some moment, started looking for it and gave up after skipping back and forth throughout the podcast. Add your favorite moments to bookmarks and go back to them whenever you want.
Listening to podcasts is better together! Share your favorite podcasts with your friends and get their feedback. Soon you'll discover that you have a lot more topics to talk about.
Listening history
Save history of the podcasts that you listen to and easily go back to them. Elision listening history makes it easy to find podcasts that you have recently listened to, and improves the recommendations that our app makes.
Smart Recommendations
Elision smart recommendations feature is responsible for the recommendations you see on your Home feed, in the Up Next list of suggested podcasts, and for Discover section, which provides endless playlists personalized for you.
Web Player (soon)
Want to listen on your laptop or on the old computer that you have in your basement? No problem! Elision team is actively working on a web player that will enable listening on any device, you'll just need a browser.
Audio Comments(soon)
Tired of reading and writing endless comments? We thought about you and decided to bring commenting closer to podcasts. Our revolutionary feature will allow adding audio comments. Soon you will be able to record a comment and post it for others to listen to. Sounds like a mini-podcast? We bet it does!

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